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Poco Pen

Sleek and portable, this is the perfect 4-in-1 pen! The 4-in-1 Poco Pen has a special attachment for Thin Oil, Thick Oil, Wax and Dry Herb!

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Poco Pen


The Veloce is the fastest vape pen on the market! Italian for fast the Veloce is one of the most durable and reliable vape pens around. Not only is it reliable but it also:

  • Comes in 10 different colors!
  • Comes with a refillable cartridge!
  • And has 150% longer battery life than the Rempen!

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Build Your Own Vape

Are you the type who likes to customize your vaporizer? Then check out Build Your Own Vape! Build Your Own Vaporizer allows you to customize your vape pen with the exact setup you choose!

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Build Your Own Pen


Not for the feint of heart! The InstaBliss Waxcalibur uses liquid to deliver the most potent, hardest hits a vape pen has ever seen! Buy your liquid in bulk (and save $$$) because the included Karma Bomb holds 4mL of liquid! Use the voltage, resistance, and wattage controls wisely, and be sure to share this good karma!

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InstaBliss Vaporizers carries a variety of Kartridges and Tanks for our vape pens. We have the Wax Bubble which turns your vape pen into a wax pen! The Fire Dome which is a dry material attachment! The Karma Kartridge for those who love liquid! The Karma Bomb for those who love to buy liquid in bulk!

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